The Billionaire Portfolio has a catchy name and a great marketing angle.  Follow the picks of the top billionaire activists funds that are released and invest alongside them. William Meade, co-founder of Billionaire’s Portfolio said the trick is to focus on the activist subset of the top hedge managers and then “I only buy when there is an event or an influential investor positioned to reprice the stock.”

While there are many activists to follow Meade focuses on a dozen that he describes as “true activists with a track record of taking a 5% position in a company and influencing change.”


Provides subscribers with entry and exit points for each recommended stock.

Details the reasoning for their recommended stocks.

Saves the reader a lot of time by following and analyzing the news releases and 13D filings to find the best possible investments among the activist investors.


Track record.  They only list logos of some successful returns, not long-term verifiable results of their overall selections. In what I consider a deceptive move they compare the results of the best investors in the world that they follow to the S&P 500, NOT the actual newsletters results.

At $297 a quarter the newsletter is very expensive compared to other offerings.   If you invested $10,000 it would be the equivalent of a 1% management fee.

There currently isn’t a free trial available nor is there a way to opt-out of their automatic re-billing. Quarterly renewing subscriptions are non-refundable.

The free trial link which is currently unavailable goes to FX trader which focuses on the high-risk FX market.



I find that the Guru Focus website provides similar information, a wider breadth of institutional investors to follow and a verifiable track record for a more reasonable fee.

Personally, I follow the large activist positions as they are announced through Google alerts or 13D filings and decide if and when to invest in those issues. You can do a quick search of the top and most successful activist investors and follow them yourselves.  Some of the main ones to follow are:

Carl Icahn – Icahn Enterprises
David Tepper – Appaloosa LP
Bill Ackman, – Pershing Square Capital Management
Daniel Lobe – Third Point Partners