Hidden Value Alerts is produced by Eastman Communications Inc. which also publishes Stealth Stocks along with other investment products. This review is heavily influenced by the marketing tactics used by the parent company and the accompanying complaints and lawsuits.

We remain suspect of Eastman Communications, Inc and Hidden Value Alerts for the reasons listed below. It’s up to you to make your own decisions as they do have some happy subscribers and the performance of the newsletter has done well over the last couple of years.

Hidden Value Alerts Review

Do you ever get those emails promoting the next “secret” super stock? While some are legitimate, I’m sure you’ve received your fair share that turn out to be nothing more than paid advertising (if you take the time to read the small print.)

The email solicitations are nothing more than a modern-day version of the cold calling boiler rooms of the past. If you want a little insight watch this classic movie clip from the movie Boiler Room:

or you can check out the new Wolfe of Wall Street movie. While it makes for great movies, it’s not so great for the investor.

In our stock newsletter tips we warn you about these types of sales tactics when evaluating which investment newsletters to follow. I’m still surprised the SEC  hasn’t put some limitations on this tactic.  So how does Eastern Communications Inc, fit into all of this. Here’s a disclaimer that accompanied an email for insiderwealthalert.com:

“In accordance with Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of Nineteen Thirty Three, you are hereby advised that Eastman Communications, Inc. (ECI) is receiving a fee between $7,000 and $15,000, from an independent third party as compensation for the distribution of this advertisement.”

Personally, we will not invest in any companies products that use such a marketing approach. If we can’t trust the company providing the information, how can we trust their stock picks?

That brings us to Hidden Value Alerts. Guilt by association may not be the best way to judge a newsletter, but with some excellent alternatives, why take a chance?

Although Hidden Value Alerts has performed well we caution you before doing business with them.  In addition to being an Eastman Communications product, the editor, Charles Mizrahi may be just another alias of Jason Cox as reported by the consumer Ripoff Report.  Jason Cox was involved in a long-running FTC investigation.

John Cox and his aliases have sold such products as Passive Income Engine, Wealth Insider Alliance, Daily Income Trader, Market Authority and more. Aliases for Jason Cox include but are not limited to Charles Mizrahi, Andy Man and Mark Messier among others.

Recent Performance

In the latest rendering, Charles Mizrahi publishes Hidden Value Alerts along with two high-end products; Inevitable Wealth Portfolio and Accelerated Retirement Program. We cannot comment on the two high-end programs as we did not feel it was warranted to subscribe to them based on the previously noted FTC investigation and past history.

The Hidden Value Alerts newsletter likes to start with quotes by Warren Buffet and other notable value investors. This is used to highlight the principles used to choose which stocks to invest in and position Mr. Mizrahi as an expert in his field. The quotes are followed by a simple but concise overview of a selected stock in each of his three stock portfolios: The Prime Time Portfolio, Special Situation Portfolio, and Bargain Basement Portfolio.

Charles Mizrahi focuses on ROE, Current P/E, Revenue growth, net profit growth, debt structure, and current stock price to make his selections. This is a sound fundamental methodology that has thus far yielded strong performance.

Although the performance in the last 5 years is very good, based on the information we have uncovered, we will continue to watch the performance further before making a final recommendation.