Before subscribing to any heavily promoted stock newsletter, make sure you read the top reviews from past subscribers to ensure you’re making the right choice for your situation.

Hilary Kramer’s stock newsletters, include Absolute Capital Return, Breakout Stocks Under $10,  Inner Circle and GameChangers. They’re part of the InvestorPlace Media empire that includes stock newsletters from Louis Navellier, Doug Casey and Charles Payne among others.

InvestorPlace Media is very aggressive with their advertising and promotions. Quite simply because it works. Investors want to gain an edge and believe. The pitch for the latest newsletter, Absolute Capital Return is no different. Let’s take a quick look at the headline pitch for her most recent newsletter, Absolute Capital Return.

“I’ll Show You How To Turn, $10,000 Into $924,900.06…In Just 36 Trades!”

The headline refers to be a hypothetical situation. Hilary demonstrates that if you were to invest $10,000 in a stock that returns 10% a month, sell the stock and then reinvest all of the proceeds into a new stock (or it could be the same stock) that returns 10% the next month, and then repeat the process for 36 months consecutively, you’ll have earned $924,900.06.

Essentially, if you can earn 10% a month for 36 months you’ll turn $10,000 into $924,900.06. The problem is, she can’t tell you ahead of time which of her stock selections will return 10% for the month. It’s up to you to figure out that part from the list of stocks that she provides you each month.

Let’s look at the next part of the advertising pitch, “I’ve done it before and I’m about to do it again, but only for 50 investors… will you be one?”

This does not imply that she’s turned investors into millionaires, only that she’s shown them how they could do it, per the previous headline.

Her promise includes the following:

“I’ll deliver two double-digit winners (on average) every month to you. You’ll have at least 24 double-digit winners which you could’ve profited, banked and reinvested for more returns.”

Pay attention to the carefully selected word choice of “could’ve”.  It leaves the door wide open.  Not to mention the fact that there isn’t a timeline given for how long it will take the stocks to turn into double-digit winners.  Given that the stock market has averaged about a 9% return a year, it’s not a stretch that 24 of the stocks provided over the course of a year will eventually become double-digit winners.


  • Offers a 30-day free trial. Gives you ample opportunity to decide if the newsletter right for you.
  • Industry Experience: She has written for the New York Post, and, along with being a commentator on Fox Business Network and Reuters.
  • An ample supply of stock ideas for investigation.


  • Returns to date of all stocks recommended in the newsletter have been uninspiring compared to returns for the Wilshire 5000 and S&P 500. These results can be further verified on other websites and past subscriber comments for her newsletters if you dig a bit.
  • Her newest offering, Absolute Capital Return is at the higher end of newsletter offerings, starting at $997/Year.
  • In summary, Hilary will provide you many stock investment ideas, which will include many winners. The overall results don’t put the newsletters in our top tiers. Reuters has an interesting article on Hilary Kramer.

While we haven’t found evidence that the stocks provided in her newsletters will beat the stock indexes on average, there will be plenty of new ideas to choose from.