Investors Intelligence is ranked in the 3rd Tier of stock newsletters that we rate.


  • Bearish Sentiment Index is widely reported followed by leading financial services.
  • Long history and track record.
  • Fidelity Funds portfolios add value to investors wishing to partake in those funds.


  • Constantly adding new portfolios, eliminating old ones when their performance suffers
  • Lagging the returns of our other top rated stock market newsletters.
  • One of the more expensive investment newsletters that we track.

Investors Intelligence Review

The roots of Investors Intelligence dates back over 50 years to 1947.  Therefore you know these guys have seen virtually anything the stock market can throw at them. The publication itself is headed up by a team of analysts.

Philosophy and Mission

Investors Intelligence has a simple mission: to provide helpful, accurate, and profitable analytic information and stock advice to their clients. They examine price fluctuations, trends, currencies, and every other aspect of stock trading to get the clearest possible picture of the market. They follow a simple philosophy: buy smart and sell smart. The editors believe that no transactions should ever be made without thorough research and study of the market.

You can choose to subscribe to a few stock newsletters from Investors Intelligence. Insight is a free monthly stock trading newsletter that provides an overview of the current market along with some great stock trading tips. The Core Report is a paid subscription.

Since the Core Report was the more valuable of the 2 stock market newsletters offered by Investors Intelligence, let’s look at what some of the subscribers have to say:

• “I really enjoy The Coe Report and find it very valuable in my investment process”
• “Appreciate your critical analysis of the market, as well as you’re putting out some Trade ideas, and sharing your thinking with your readers. Your newsletter is a learning experience.”
• “Your intraday bulletin is well-reasoned and well-written. The volume of content is just right.”

Many of their subscribing investors are more than happy with the value they receive.  Knowledge is power, and that is something the Investors Intelligence stock market newsletters are packed with.