Jim Cramer and Thestreet.com put out a couple stock market investment newsletters. We rank and review the most popular.  Action Alerts Plus is ranked as a market perform tier-2 stock newsletter.  It’s ranked a high tier 2 because it provides a real live portfolio environment with market commentary by well-respected editors that have years of experience managing live portfolios.  This is something that is very rare among stock newsletters.


  • One of the few live portfolio stock investment newsletters.  This is a huge positive.
  • They announce their trades prior to making the trade. You essentially get to front-run their stock picks before they buy and sell.
  • Daily summaries as to what they bought and sold are a great educational tool
  • They buy well-known stocks that are liquid and easy to trade.
  • Performance has beaten the S&P 500 (without taking dividends into account as Action Alerts Plus gives its profits to a charity and doesn’t re-invest them)
  • Educates subscribers as well as providing stock selections


  • Like many newsletters, performance has been sporadic with years not beating the S&P 500
  • With a lot of small trades, commissions can hamper your returns.  Although with trading costs as low as they are this has a minimal impact on returns.
  • You have to be available all times of the day to trade in front of their actual trading.

Break-out Stocks by Bryan Ashenberg is rated as a tier-3 stock newsletter lagging the returns of the Russell 2000 and Wilshire 5000 with dividends reinvested.

Stocks under $10 is rated as a tier-3 newsletter as it has failed to come close to keeping pace with the Russell 2000 and Wilshire 5000 with or without dividends reinvested.

Jim Cramer and thestreet.com Review

Jim Cramer is a big player in the world of stock market newsletters. As a former successful hedge fund manager he is considered one of the foremost experts on selecting stocks. Although he has his fair share of detractors his stock advice is as good as it comes for the everyday investor.

As the host of the CNBC show Mad Money, and his website TheStreet.com, Mr. Cramer is the go-to man for today’s ever-changing stock market world. His direct, and at times, funny manner make him a favorite in the world of stock investment newsletters.

Clear, Concise Information

TheStreet.com provides stock tickers on the top of the page that provides an up-to-date analysis of the day’s trading. The site is broken down into sections, like Don’t Miss, Money Matters, and Latest News which provide updates on your stock holdings and the stock market in general.  An added bonus of the site is the videos.

Everyone has commented on the various stock market newsletters, but Jim Cramer’s sites garner rave reviews repeatedly. His expertise and the thoughtful planning of his sites leads consumers through the process of researching, planning, and trading shares, without frills or hype. Just a few comments show how indispensable his advice really is.

• “TheStreet.Com is a fully transparent and open investing advisory service”
• “This is definitely a site to visit and utilize as part of the investing homework process”
• “Jim Cramer really needs no introduction”
• “Jim Cramer is among the most visible and prolific members of the financial media”
• “The service is like having a personal mentor who can guide you in turning the ‘scary’ world of investing into something that we can all understand and handle”

In today’s volatile stock market, sound advice for both bear and bull markets is hard to come by. Jim Cramer, a long time veteran in the stock investment world and successful hedge fund manager, has compiled a succinct site complete with the latest news, stock reports, and tips to make the dreams of a budding investor come true.