The Stock Newsletter Club (SNC) provides professional reviews and performance tracking of stock investment newsletters.  The ratings are determined by the return on investment and the risk taken to generate those returns.  Research is done by our editors with input from subscribers nationwide.  These are opinions and not meant to be a replacement for the advice of certified financial professionals.

The goal of SNC is to provide you with the highest quality analysis and reports to help guide you in choosing the best newsletter that fits your personality and helps you meet your financial goals.  Just as importantly, we’ll help you to stay away from underperforming publications.

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2021 -2022 Stock Newsletter Awards: Best Performing

  • Tech/Bio-Tech: Nates Notes
  • Growth: Motley Fool Stock Advisor (on hold as new team making stock selections)
  • Value: Pendultus Premium


2021 -2022 Honorable Mention

  • Fidelity Monitor & Insight
  • Linde Equity Report
  • Stock Gumshoe (for stock teaser ad analysis)

Reviews of the Top Newsletters

Below we’ve highlighted the top stock newsletters based on our in-depth research. For more detailed information you’ll find comprehensive overviews on this website.

Motley Fool was founded in 1993. Our review contains an overview of all their newsletters.  Being a pioneer on the internet, Motley Fool was quickly able to establish a large following. Stock Advisor is geared towards identifying growth stocks, leveraging new technology with strong management and inside ownership in place.

Overall only about 55-65% of their stocks have beaten the S&P 500. Their investment returns are the result of a few big winners including Amazon, Nvidia, Priceline and Google. Without the huge winners, their performance would be relatively modest.  That being said, that’s what success in the stock market is all about, picking a few big winners that allow you to achieve superior returns.  The caveat here is that if there is another market downturn growth stocks tend to suffer bigger declines which would have a great impact on the newsletter’s results.

Nates Notes also has a lengthy well-established track record.  Editor Nate Pile focuses on technology and biotechnology companies with compelling new products in high growth markets.  Nate Notes has been able to consistently offer subscribers worthwhile investments in the tech and biotech sectors.

Pendultus Premium is a Value Investors Association newsletter. Pendultus Premium concentrates on value-orientated stocks that follow the investment principles of Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Peter Lynch and other value investing legends.  Each issue contains a stable basket of 15-20 highlighted stocks for investment consideration.  About half of the stock recommendations offer a dividend for income-orientated investors.

Highlights from other services are as follows:

Blue Chip Growth is put out by Louis Navellier.  The newsletter focuses on large-cap momentum stocks.  Louis Navellier is one of the icons in the stock newsletter business and runs at least three mutual funds.

Jim Cramer (our review ) is best known for his entertaining and informative show Mad Money. Surprisingly only the Action Alerts Plus newsletter has been able to beat the S&P 500 returns based on their published results. For the money and risk-adjusted performance, we’re not recommending any of their other subscription services at this time other than Action Alerts Plus and Real Money for its market view and commentary.

Action Alerts Plus is a live portfolio. A strong advantage over other offerings is that daily and weekly alerts are provided along with market commentary. In addition, they send out alerts to subscribers for their stock buys and sells prior to executing them on their own. If you take a free trial you can see their stock picks and returns since inception which is extremely helpful in deciding whether you’d like to become a subscriber to their service or not.

One of our favorite reads is Stock Gumshoe.  Although a competitor of sorts along with Hulbert’s Ratings, we rank both of these offerings very highly and consider them a great compliment to what we’re doing.  Travis Johnson at Stock Gumshoe does a superb job of both entertaining and informing readers on the latest stock teases put out by advertisers trying to get you to subscribe to their newsletters.  Hulbert’s Ratings is a service that audits newsletter results. 

The Buyback Letter focuses on companies that re-purchase their stocks. Many studies have shown that companies that buy back their own stocks outperform the stock market in general. The Buyback letter also has the distinction of being named to the Hulbert’s Digest Honor Roll for 3 years in a row. Although the newsletter hasn’t performed as well recently as others during the last bull market, it as an excellent offering with a very long track record.

There are other well-known offerings with long-established track records that aren’t at the top of our rankings but provide their members with valuable information and services. These include Prudent Speculator, Value Line Investment Survey, The Dow Theory Forecast, Successful Investor, Zack’s Premium and The Stock Superstars Report.

We do not cover penny stock advice or investment strategies that are considered to be too risky.  Additional reports will continue to be added based on member’s interests and audited returns.  We prefer not to waste our reader’s time and money with offerings that fail to beat their market benchmarks, fail to educate their subscribers or put investors at too great of a risk.

Happy Investing!