After reviewing the Successful Investor, we rank it as a tier 2 stock newsletter.


  • We would argue that The Successful Investor is Patrick McKeough’s most fruitful ventures to date.
  • Recommendations are well diversified among growth, aggressive growth and income stocks.
  • Stocks are held long-term which minimizes transaction costs and capital gains taxes.


  • Recent performance has been weaker than long-term performance. We’re not sure if this is a new trend or just a temporary blip.
  • Due to the inclusion of aggressive growth stocks the drawdowns (losses) can be larger that of the general market during stock market corrections.

Successful Investor Stock Review

When considering Canadian stock market newsletters, The Successful Investor has to be the most successful. The secret of the past success of The Successful Investor was due to simply making conservative, low-risk investments.  Any stock market newsletter that holds its top rank consistently over the course of 5-10 years has to perform well. Since The Successful Investor has been able to do just that, it is pretty safe to say that its overall performance is, in two words, very good.  And it has managed to perform well even during the recent shaky market conditions.

What are Others Saying?

You can look at numbers, percentages, and statistics all day long, but the real testimony to the power of a stock market newsletter comes from the investors themselves. Here are just a few of the many words of praise offered by subscribers:

• “I have subscribed to many internet newsletters over the years, but I have never come across one that even approaches the quality and clarity of The Successful Investor.”
• “The Successful Investor has saved me lots of money during the down times and has made me bundles in the good ones.”
• “The Successful Investor keeps the risk down to a minimum. Pat’s advice is no-nonsense, down to earth and based on solid research.”

It looks like using The Successful Investor stock market newsletter can indeed help make you—a successful investor.