The newsletter has changed its name from the Analyst Watch to Zacks Elite and Zacks Advisor to the current Zacks Premium.  Our review ranks the Zack’s Premium newsletter has a low tier 2 stock market newsletter.


  • Uses a unique approach to rating their buys/sells which can complement other services because it relies on revisions to analyst earnings estimates and recommendations.
  • Provides updated rankings so investors can adjust their overall portfolio as the prospects of a stock decline or improve.


  • One of the more expensive stock newsletters.
  • Newsletter has changed names which diverts from prior track record.
  • Average holding period of buy recommendations in their portfolio is less than a year which increases your capital gains taxes in non-tax deferred accounts and also increases your trading costs making it hard to replicate their published results.

 Zacks Premium Review

With all the stock market newsletters available to consumers, finding a site that is both trustworthy and easy to use is crucial.  Managing your investments has never been more important.  Having a resource like Zacks Premium for stock advice makes navigating the choppy waters of the stock market a little smoother.

Ease of Use

One of the most impressive things about this stock investment newsletter is how simple it is to use and understand.  Tabs at the top make quick work of getting to where you need to be.  The colored sections help the reader focus by breaking down the information visually. Without seeming crowded, the home page packs a multitude of information in one spot.  Charts, articles, and tickers fill the screen, but the different colors and shading makes the site easy on the eye.  A quick glance tells you who the Bull and Bear of the day are.  Just a click takes you to their Monthly Earnings Calendar, so you can plan more effectively.

There is even a “How To Use Zacks Premium” section, with an easily downloadable guide to the stock trading newsletter and a buying guide.  All the secrets to stock trading are conveniently located in this one single newsletter. Additionally, the top stock market news articles are linked on the home page.  You can get all the latest and breaking economic news from around the United States and the world, then on the same page, you can decide how that news will (or won’t) change your trading plans.

What Others Say

With Zacks Premium having been one of independent Hulbert Financial Digest’s best performing system for the past 10 years (previously Zacks Elite), it’s no wonder people like using this stock trading newsletter. Any site can give you random quotes, numbers, and unproven advice, but only a site like this can give you information and keep you satisfied. Customers have consistently good comments about this vital investing tool:

  • “I believe that they actually have a good service”
  • “There are a lot of insurers there. Coming off of a good quarter for insurance and with PEs reasonable, I can see why there are a lot of them there.”
  • “I was privy to their #1 ranked stocks down to those ranked #5”

Zacks Premium was once of the more stellar newsletters on the market.  Lately however, results have lagged which may have led to the name change.  We will continue to monitor the stock picks to find out if they can return to their former glory.